You Don’t Say

An interesting piece from the African news mediain response to the Commander in Thief’s trip to Ghana. It seems that “NOT” quite all are so enamoured with our temporary leader.

Especially this excerpt from a one Barrack Muluka:

 “Obama is an American president like all others before him. He is in Ghana to ingratiate himself with the present generation of American African slaves of yesteryear, through visiting their ancestral lands. He already came to Kenya to sanitise his own ancestry ahead of his successful presidential bid. He did not want this to be an election issue. He has been to dictatorial Egypt to pacify the Islamic world. There is nothing to bring him to Kenya, and I doubt that it is important for him to come to Kenya – to bring what? Ultimately, our destiny is in our own hands.

I would expect that if you were to travel throughout Kenya, you would find this to be more of the norm, rather than the exception.

Kudos to them for taking personal responsibility and standing up for their own freedom. Support they would not getfrom the Barack of the USA.

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