Because the Constitution Matters

I can not say in words the awesome power of prayer, but what I can do is show you is is that it “DOES” work”.

Today, Federal Judge David O. Carter of the California US District Court ruled on behalf of  Dr Orly and her plaintiffs. Though the Commander in Thief sent out his lackeys in California, in an attempt to intimidate and thwart off yet another the possibly the he could be held accountable for his eligibility and made to show his bona fides, Judge Carter ruled, not this time buddy:

“as a former Marine, I recognize the importance of having a constitutionally qualified president.”

WND reports:

While no attorneys appeared on Obama’s behalf, several members of the U.S. Attorney’s office in California were in attendance, and sought to intervene on behalf of Obama over his actions before becoming president.

The judge ordered them to accept service of the lawsuit immediately and then continued the case to an unannounced date.

Taitz told WND, “For first time, we have a judge who’s listening.”

Multiple WND calls to various branches of the U.S. attorney’s offices in California did not generate any response.

Taitz said she has some changes to make in the pleadings, but she was able to fully explain the reasons for her case.

“He [the judge] heard the whole thing,” she said.

God Bless the Patriots and Keep on Praying for our Country and Constitution

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