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Wishing You Were Here . . .

Reminder: April 15th TEA Party at Covell Lake, Sioux Falls, SD

Spread the Word: Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party April 15th

The Sioux Falls branch of this event will be at Covell Lake from Noon to 1:30pm. There is a facebook page link for the SD group at:

What is All This Talk About NWO That Obama Keeps Bringing Up?

While catching Hannity this evening, surprisingly Dick Morris admitted that he now thinks Obama is a full fledge Socialist. Morris says: ” I really thought he was a centrist, but he’s not, he is a far left socialist, and a not very competent one at that”.

Really Dick? It took you thast long to figure out? If that is a clue as the your book, I think I’ll leave it on the shelf. Maybe you should have talked to Stephen, he had Obama pegged before he even was the nominee…


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the “National Tax Payer Tea Party” on April 15th

Celebrating Madison’s Birthday

Why I’m Celebrating Madison’s Birthday  By STEVEN WALDMAN

Last year I visited the Hall of Presidents in Disney World, home of the walking, talking animatronic presidents. In the anteroom where they hold you before the show starts, they had paintings of all the important early presidents.

There was Washington. Then John Adams, the second president. Then Thomas Jefferson, the third president. Then the fourth president, James Monroe.

Wait. James Monroe? He was the fifth president. They’d skipped the fourth president, a short fellow named James Madison.

[ A painting of James Madison, fifth President of the United States serving from 1817 to 1825. Photo by National Archive/Newsmakers]

This burned me up. Washington has his obelisk. Jefferson has his memorial. Adams has his HBO mini series. And here we have Madison, whose birthday is March 16, and no one will celebrate.

There’s one particular reason I think this is unfortunate. James Madison is more responsible than any other single American for one of the nation’s greatest characteristics — religious freedom. At a time when we’re fighting over faith-based initiatives and the proper role of religion in politics, it’s worth appreciating that America’s experiment with religious liberty has largely succeeded, thanks largely to James Madison.

You’re probably aware that Madison is sometimes referred to as the Father of the Constitution for his pivotal role in guiding the Constitutional Convention. The original constitution took the historic step of forbidding Congress from limiting public office to people of a particular faith. That may seem obvious now, but at the time 11 of the 13 colonies had religious tests.

But consider this too:

It was James Madison who introduced into Congress the amendments that would eventually become the Bill of Rights. It was he who took the lead in ushering them through Congress and in particular fighting for a strong religious freedom clause.

It was also Madison who led the forces of religious freedom in one of the most important early battles on the topic. In 1784, Patrick Henry proposed that Virginians pay a tax to help support local churches. Madison led the opposition and successfully defeated this proposal.

And there’s the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Thomas Jefferson famously listed this as one of just three things on his tombstone (a sure-fire way to insure you get credit for something). Jefferson did write this seminal document, but under his leadership it died in committee. Seven years later, while Jefferson was in France, Madison resurrected it and guided it through the Virginia legislature.

(National Archive/Newsmakers via Getty Images  : A painting of James Madison.)

But Madison’s most important contribution to religious freedom was not legislative, it was theoretical. It really was Madison who shaped the most holistic and effective theory of what religious freedom was and why we wanted it. For Jefferson, it was often about protecting the political system from religious interference.

Madison’s emphasis was different. He believed that the main reason to have separation of church and state was to help religion. He came to this view in part because of an unusual but crucial alliance he built with evangelical Christians of his day. That’s right. At that time, the evangelical Christians were the leading supporters of separation of church and state, and Madison was one of their greatest champions. They believed that not only was government repression bad but so was government help. Madison agreed and worked hand in hand with the evangelicals to press this point. In a crucial document called the Memorial and Remonstrance, Madison integrated the arguments of the Enlightenment intellectuals with the arguments of the evangelicals to create something much greater. Separating church and state would be better for both state and church.

This may be a concept that’s a bit jarring to modern culture warriors. We’ve come to think that if you’re pro religion you must surely want government to play a greater role in promoting religion. And if you’re in favor of separation of church and state that you must want to reduce religion’s role.

Madison and his evangelical allies had a completely different concept. They wanted to promote religion. They just believed that the best way to promote religion was for government to leave it alone.

This basic approach has made America one of the most religiously free and religiously vibrant nations in the world. Many people helped bring us to that point, but no one was more important than James Madison. Happy Birthday, Mr. Madison. You may not have a monument on the National Mall in Washington, but your spirit and ideas live in every house of worship in America.

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Tax Day Tea Party

Online HQ for the April 15th Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Rallies…

South Dakota:
The following is a list of CONFIRMED Tea Party Tax Revolts planned within the state of South Dakota. Please note that we ONLY list events happening on April 15th.

City: Sioux Fallsgraciedesign
When: April 15, 12:00pm – 1:30pm    Where: Terrace Park ~ Covell Lake   Contact: EMAIL
Other Info: Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

“The Court of Last Resort” : Update on the National Grand Jury

img_321_6Stephen Pidgeon on March 13th

Okay, ya’ll, we are getting ready to begin posting our blogs on the factual issues the NGJ will begin adjudicating.

These blogs will be open to comment from every quarter, including people who have no argument other than the argument ad hominem. (Those are always a lot of fun, if not time wasters).

The NGJ will initially be looking at certain factual allegations to determine whether or not the President has established that he is a natural born citizen of the United States by any standard.

Individual jurors will be contacted privately this weekend.

Thank you for your support.

It looks like we are the court of last resort.


The following is an informational audio from Sentinel Radio ‘s “The Awakening with Hanen and Arlen” on 3/10/2009 highlighting the several aspects threatening our Constitution today including the usurping of our banking system.

Getting “TWIC”d is Chipping Me Off!!!

T.W.I.C. aka Transportaion Workers Identification Card program is setting the stage to eventually chipping every American. While states have been able to thwart the implementation of chippedID’s on every driver in America, the government has gotten around that by making it a requirement for every citizen who holds a CDL. What started out as a program to secure the maritime ports, threats coming in on airlines and the shipping of hazardous materials via rail and trucker, has expanded to include hard working, law abiding American citizens who haul fresh food products such as produce, meat and eggs.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that some day we would have to go and get finger-printed and have a full blown FBI background check so we can continue to haul healthy, fresh food products for American consumption. Not only will we be forced to be ID’d like criminals, we will have to drive 100’s of miles, not once, but twice to complete the process and yes, we have to pay for ALL the costs out of our already taxed and regulated to death pocketbooks.

Also, in researching the TWIC program I have found the government has spent just under $95 million on the program since its inception in 2004. Now, I have not researched the number of non-CDL workers that have had to sign-up for the program because of their jobs at the high risk secure places, but what I did find is that nearly 1.5 million truckers(CDL holders) have signed up and aproximately another 44,000 have submitted their applications along with their fees. The amount of fees collected by the government thus far just from truckers is over $1.5 billion. So, if we take the number spent thus far in start-up and daily operational costs over the last 4 yrs, it averages to approx( a smidg under) 24 million a yr the government has reported spending on the program. Now, let’s divide the amount truckers have paid into the program via “ID FEES” and we find that the government has pocketed enough funds just from truckers(CDL holders) to cover the costs of the program for 62 years.

Yes, it is safe to say that I’m too ticked off to go researching port/dock/rail/airline workers, so if you’re up to it, have at it, but what this does prove is that this is just another government rip-off scam to line the pockets of bureaucrats while getting around that nasty “TAX” word.

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought to ponder…

If they are already chipping some ID’s through state DMV’s, passports, port workers & CDL holders, how long before we see them forcing chipped ID’s on students of all ages starting in pre-school and forcing every American citizen worker to have a chipped ID’s regardless of their occupation?

What is to stop them? What’s to stop them from doing away with the chipped ID and fully implementing forced chipping of everyone?

I highly recommend you do your research and learn more about RFID/Verichip as I have! Your future freedom depends on it!



Surface Transportation Authorization Bill Could Top $500 Billion

As I was surfing for more information on the TWIC(Transportaion Workers Identification Card) program that I hear will soon be forcing those of us who haul fresh food products to be fingerprinted and go through a major federal background check to be able to continue to haul produce( yes, fresh food, the new hazardous material soon to be trucked nationwide) brought in though the ports from other countries, I came across this little tidbit of another future robbery of our tax dollars:

The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee says the next surface transportation authorization bill could top $500 billion.

Such a large piece of legislation – with a potential to be the largest transportation bill in history – should motivate truckers to let lawmakers know how they feel about it, officials with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association said.

Rep. James Oberstar, D-MN, is optimistic that congressional committees will be hammering out details of the authorization bill come May or June. The current transportation policy and funding law known as SAFETEA-LU is due to expire in September.

Oberstar has repeatedly stated, including in a 2008 interview with Land Line, that the Highway Trust Fund and the federal tax on motor fuels will remain the cornerstone of the next era of transportation funding.

However, Oberstar and other powerful lawmakers, lobbyists and stakeholders say traditional funding methods are barely keeping up with SAFETEA-LU’s 2005 authorization of $286.5 billion.

Consensus is that the next authorization period will require new funding sources, and that translates to higher taxes for the end user.

OOIDA Director of Legislative Affairs Mike Joyce says truckers should be arming themselves with information so their sector of the industry is not ignored or taken advantage of.

“This is the big bill. This is one of those bills that will absolutely, positively, hands down, have impacts on truckers,” Joyce told Land Line.

“Truckers need to be vocal. We need all the dogs out on the porch barking, and we need to wake up the neighborhood. We need to let them know that truckers are paying their fair share . . . . . . . . .

continue reading here: Landline Magazine

What I and hundreds of thousands of other truckers would like to know is what the government is doing with the hundreds of billions, yes I said “HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS” in fuel tax and road tax dollars truckers pay annually. I had a long conversation with Senator Thune’s office on the fuel and road tax issue this week, and will update this post when the legislation material, they sent out to me, arrives and I have a chance to compile a report for you.

The Real Cabinet Maker

OK, so like I have said before, it shouldn’t always be research and daily drudgery. We need a good daily laugh to keep our thoughts in perspective and here is a gem for you to share.

It’s “G” rated and approved for all Christian gatherings.

What is the difference between that Obama and Jesus?

“Jesus could actually build a cabinet!” 

The Obama Rosetta Stone

Say What? Obama’s Stimulus will only create 1/6th of the number of jobs that Obama and the liberals who passed it said it would? So does that mean our state officials are covering for the Obama administration also? SD legislatures sure seem to be basking in all the fake dough coming their way! Makes me rethink who our elected officials are? How about You?

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