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Krauthammer: Obama In Need of A Psychiatric Evaluation

I don’t normally watch “O’Really”, but was glad I caught this segment from tonight’s episode. Charles really nails it on Obama at approximately 3:57 into the clip, however the entire 5 min segment is well worth watching.

Take A Moment to ‘Thank a Veteran’, Especially Today

eagle patriot 1There is no mystery behind the endurance and the success of American liberty. It is because in every generation, from the Revolutionary period to this very hour, brave Americans have stepped forward and served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States. Every one of them deserves the thanks and the admiration of our entire country.

Military service demands a special kind of sacrifice. The places where you live and serve, the risk you face, the people you deal with every day — all of these are usually decided by someone else. For the time you spend in uniform, the interests of the nation must always come first. And those duties are shared by family members who make many sacrifices of their own, face separation during deployments and sometimes bear extreme and permanent loss.

Military service brings rewards as well. There is the pride of developing one’s character and becoming a leader, serving a cause far greater than any self interest and knowing that our nation’s cause is the hope of the world. Every man and woman who wears America’s uniform is part of a long, unbroken line of achievement and honor. No single military power in history has done greater good, shown greater courage, liberated more people, or upheld higher standards of decency and valor than the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

That is a legacy to be proud of, and those who contributed to it must never be taken for granted.

VP Cheney 2008

God’s Grace & Peace Be With All the Families & Troops of the Victims of the Ft Hood Massacre


Photo by Getty Images

The fatal victims of the Ft. Hood shooting, as released by the Department of Defense on Saturday

Associated Press list of victims.


BREAKING: Herseth-Sandlin To Oppose PelosiCare

THANK YOU Stephanie! Please continue to do ALL you can to keep this ‘KILLER’ bill from getting passed!

BREAKING NEWS: 14 Deaths Now Reported at Ft Hood

Fox just broke the news that one of the victims of Hasan’s jihad, that had just returned from Iraq, was pregnant.

Referencing historical archives, I refer you to Supreme Court Justice James Wilson:

The 1st Supreme Court Justice, James Wilson wrote, taught and advocated for natural rights. The rights that are detrimental to all human existance. Wilson was also a main framer of the Declaration and the Constitution. His influence & knowledge was 2nd only to James Madison.

Here is what one of the most prominent, yet forgotten, Framers of our Constitution had to say regarding the right to life:

“Man, fearfully and wonderfully made, is the workmanship of his all perfect Creator, the right to life must always be respected…With constistancy, beautiful and undeviating, human life, from its commencement to its close, is protected by the common law. In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence, and in some cases, from every degree of danger.”

Wilson was very critical of ancient societies for the practices of exposing and killing of unwanted infants.

I am thinking that SCOTUS never even looked to the founders when they decided Roe v Wade. Wilson’s are the very 1st Commentaries on American Law & our Constitution. They were published for the 1st time in 1790 & 1791 respectively. There are 3 volumes, well worth every minute of every American citizens time. Read, study & learn them and teach them to all future generations. Our Republic and Christian heritage depends on teaching these works to all future generations!

The Works of James Wilson, vol I, II, III

Ft Hood Shooter Was a Member of Obama’s Homeland Security Transition Team

 I can forgive tax cheats, but when a person on Obama’s Homeland Security Transition team PLANS and MURDERS innocent military personnel, it clearly tells of the Narcissist in Chief’s lack of any common sense, let alone any logical Homeland Security judgement.

More importantly, it PROVES he does not have the skills or the moral compass to remain as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces!

Page-32_29_Homeland_Sec_Doc1Nidal Hasan on Obamas homeland security transition team

Via Freepers via Bob McCarty:

Incredibly, it appears that Maj. Malik Nidal Hasan, the alleged shooter in the massacre that resulted in at least 12 dead and 31 wounded at Fort Hood today, served on the Homeland Security Policy Institute’s presidential transition task force between April 2008 and January 2009 when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the nation’s 44th president.

Major Hasan’s name appears on the page numbered 29  (page 32 of the pdf) of the document,

And then this via AP via YahooNews:

By BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE, Associated Press Writer Brett J. Blackledge, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – His name appears on radical Internet postings. A fellow officer says he fought his deployment to Iraq and argued with soldiers who supported U.S. wars. He required counseling as a medical student because of problems with patients.

There are many unknowns about Nidal Malik Hasan, the man authorities say is responsible for the worst mass killing on a U.S. military base. Most of all, his motive. But details of his life and mindset, emerging from official sources and personal acquaintances, are troubling.

For six years before reporting for duty at Fort Hood, Texas, in July, the 39-year-old Army major worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center pursuing his career in psychiatry, as an intern, a resident and, last year, a fellow in disaster and preventive psychiatry. He received his medical degree from the military’s Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Md., in 2001.

While an intern at Walter Reed, Hasan had some “difficulties” that required counseling and extra supervision, said Dr. Thomas Grieger, who was the training director at the time.


As Usual..Liberal Politco Scrubs Their Mistake: Calls Their Own Unscrupulious ACORN/SEIU Thugs, Conservative Tea Party Protesters: Correction in RED

In true liberal journalism, Politico US-PRAVDA Journalism has completely scrubbed clean their error in brashly claiming Tea Party Protesters were arrested this morning. Via FreeRepublic:

Tea partiers hit Capitol
Politico ^

Posted on Thursday, November 05, 2009 10:39:09 AM by Sub-Driver

Tea partiers hit Capitol By: Daniel Libit and Martin Kady II November 5, 2009 11:14 AM EST

Capitol Police arrested nine protesters Thursday morning in the Hart Senate office building as thousands of Tea Party activists descended on the Capitol building to protest the trillion dollar health care bill and government spending.

The gathering was organized by local Tea Party groups around the country, who are arriving in Washington this morning by the busload. Conservative leaders in Congress, led by Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), have taken to the airwaves to encourage the activists to show up on the Capitol steps and demand meetings with members of Congress. The crowd is expected to grow into the thousands by noon, when Bachmann has promised to lead some protesters to a press conference inside the Capitol to express their opposition to the health care bill in person to members of Congress.

Speaking on conservative talker Laura Ingraham’s radio show this morning, Bachmann encouraged people listening to show up on the West Front steps, but she said they should show up with “cameras” instead of “pitchforks.”

A Capitol Police spokeswoman confirmed to POLITICO that nine activists were arrested in the Hart building, and they are being processed at police headquarters. All the buildings in the Capitol complex remain open for now.

The protesters, who are occupying the patch of grass only a few yards from where Barack Obama took the oath of office on Jan. 20, are chanting “you work for us!” Many are holding signs that echo their distrust of Obama and their belief that he is pursuing socialist policies.

(Excerpt)

Politico, in its truest form, jumped the gun and now when you click on the politico link, instead of correcting the error, Politico has completely re-written the article!

YEP…This is the kind of propaganda pushing PRAVDA/ALINSKY style journalism the Obama administration is wanting to bailout/take over next.

Here is who actually was arrestedACORN/SEIU Code Pinko  Thugs trying to take-over Lieberman’s office chanting, “people not profits, health care for all” & “health care is a human right, single payer health care for all”.

I will have the video of today’s rally on the Capital steps uploaded later. I am working on converting the video now. I believe the downloader caught almost all of it. There were a few snafoo’s due to streaming, but the sentiment is ALL There! Take to the phone lines and let us NOT give up this most important fight of our lives & our freedoms!