“The Court of Last Resort” : Update on the National Grand Jury

img_321_6Stephen Pidgeon on March 13th

Okay, ya’ll, we are getting ready to begin posting our blogs on the factual issues the NGJ will begin adjudicating.

These blogs will be open to comment from every quarter, including people who have no argument other than the argument ad hominem. (Those are always a lot of fun, if not time wasters).

The NGJ will initially be looking at certain factual allegations to determine whether or not the President has established that he is a natural born citizen of the United States by any standard.

Individual jurors will be contacted privately this weekend.

Thank you for your support.

It looks like we are the court of last resort.


The following is an informational audio from Sentinel Radio ‘s “The Awakening with Hanen and Arlen” on 3/10/2009 highlighting the several aspects threatening our Constitution today including the usurping of our banking system.

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