Getting “TWIC”d is Chipping Me Off!!!

T.W.I.C. aka Transportaion Workers Identification Card program is setting the stage to eventually chipping every American. While states have been able to thwart the implementation of chippedID’s on every driver in America, the government has gotten around that by making it a requirement for every citizen who holds a CDL. What started out as a program to secure the maritime ports, threats coming in on airlines and the shipping of hazardous materials via rail and trucker, has expanded to include hard working, law abiding American citizens who haul fresh food products such as produce, meat and eggs.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that some day we would have to go and get finger-printed and have a full blown FBI background check so we can continue to haul healthy, fresh food products for American consumption. Not only will we be forced to be ID’d like criminals, we will have to drive 100’s of miles, not once, but twice to complete the process and yes, we have to pay for ALL the costs out of our already taxed and regulated to death pocketbooks.

Also, in researching the TWIC program I have found the government has spent just under $95 million on the program since its inception in 2004. Now, I have not researched the number of non-CDL workers that have had to sign-up for the program because of their jobs at the high risk secure places, but what I did find is that nearly 1.5 million truckers(CDL holders) have signed up and aproximately another 44,000 have submitted their applications along with their fees. The amount of fees collected by the government thus far just from truckers is over $1.5 billion. So, if we take the number spent thus far in start-up and daily operational costs over the last 4 yrs, it averages to approx( a smidg under) 24 million a yr the government has reported spending on the program. Now, let’s divide the amount truckers have paid into the program via “ID FEES” and we find that the government has pocketed enough funds just from truckers(CDL holders) to cover the costs of the program for 62 years.

Yes, it is safe to say that I’m too ticked off to go researching port/dock/rail/airline workers, so if you’re up to it, have at it, but what this does prove is that this is just another government rip-off scam to line the pockets of bureaucrats while getting around that nasty “TAX” word.

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought to ponder…

If they are already chipping some ID’s through state DMV’s, passports, port workers & CDL holders, how long before we see them forcing chipped ID’s on students of all ages starting in pre-school and forcing every American citizen worker to have a chipped ID’s regardless of their occupation?

What is to stop them? What’s to stop them from doing away with the chipped ID and fully implementing forced chipping of everyone?

I highly recommend you do your research and learn more about RFID/Verichip as I have! Your future freedom depends on it!



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