Smile :) It’s Tuesday

I find it always help to read a bit of humor before digesting all the crap being thrown our way every day by this radical administraion and lame steam media:

via the Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Monitor via The Weekly Standard

Obama had a “Russian style” working brunch with Putin with smoked beluga and black caviar. At present, the commercial production, sale and consumption of beluga or black caviar is illegal in Russia to protect endangered species. It was speculated that Putin served Obama Iranian-made caviar, which is legal (Interfax, July 8). Of course, in Russia, laws do not apply to the top nomenklatura, so the delicacy Obama consumed was most likely Russian-made and contraband. It is not clear what is politically more damaging for a U.S. president: to publicly eat Iranian caviar or Russian contraband. Putin indeed has a peculiar sense of humor.

Happy Tuesday!

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