Breaking Up is Hard to Do: UPDATED

Get out the old phonograph and pull out the Neil Sedaka vinyl:

MOSCOW, July 8.— Former Russian presidential candidate Guennadi Ziuganov has demanded an end to the US blockade on Cuba at a meeting with American President, Barack Obama, advisors of this political leader announced today.


Ziuganov, who is also the head of the Communist Bloc the Duma (the Parliament’s Lower Chamber) urged Obama to suspend NATO expansion and give up the unnecessary antimissile defense shield in Eastern Europe, the sources added.

Newsweek has more on the Commander in Thief’s trip:

The very fact of Obama’s meeting with the leaders of Russia’s opposition infuriated the authorities.

UPDATE: Ruskies snub Obama…this just made my day!

I guess once a communist, always a communist, it’s just that not all communists agree with your back stabbing tendencies and they are not afraid to show it in public.

 Barack Obama, Chicago’s Newest DSA Member 1996obama

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