Sotomayor Hearings Day One

In Sotomayor’s statement (54:00:00 into video) to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sotomayor said that she has always applied the “rule of law”, not her personal bias/empathy to ALL her rulings:

“My personal and professional experiences help me listen and understand, with the law always commanding the result in every case,”

HELLO: RICCI case just overturned, not to mention that 80% of her rulings that were appealed were overturned by the Supreme Court.

Also, her statement read something like right out of the White House playbook to divert attention away from her unethical rulings from the bench as well as her past philosophy.

Her statement along with the forth coming answers to some tough questions will make for a great fiction short story some day.

you can read Michelle Malkins developing play by play of the day here and full text of Sotomayor statement here

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