Metal Meets Asphalt & Everyone Is A Critic These Days!

Thanks for all the comments to my 9-12 Rally post. I erred in posting a photo of another event and so please accept my apologies. It has been a strenuous week and here is why, so please be forgiving when commenting in the future if you do not know what is happening in the life of the person on the other end of the PC screen.

The Lord had his hand over this big rig. It was a single vehicle accident,  the driver is ok, other than being a bit blind in one eye now for now until the surgery is done to re-attach his retna tomorrow, the 14 yr old dalmation is running chasing the farm cats as normal already and the customer’s load was not lost so life is good. God blessed us this past week and we are very greatful.



 So, it has been a long week of tireless hours nursing a loved one and with that I ask you now for a bit of self reflection before posting and calling me something I am not. I made an honest mistake and that is that. If you want to go after corruption & liars…slam the e-mails of your representatives in DC..ALL OF THEM! JUST SAY ‘NO’ TO ANY TYPE OF HEALTH SCARE RIGHT NOW WHILE THE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS ARE IN CHARGE!

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