The Government is not My Shepherd, and I Shall not Surrender My Liberties

New contributor to WND, Herman Cain, brings his inciteful comments on government mandated/run health care

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from new listeners to my radio show is, “What can we do to stop this out-of-control spending and expansion of government by this administration and Congress?” My response is that we have to use the two weapons we have, our votes and our voices.

The power of the ballot box has not diminished. It has just been temporarily hijacked by liberals. Thomas Jefferson observed that “The American people won’t make a mistake, if they are given all of the facts.” The real facts about the Obama administration and Congress are becoming frighteningly more clear every day. More people need to be prepared to cast some different votes in November 2010.

Continue to the full article and a video of Herman going up against slick ‘Willy’ back in ’93  here

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