National & State Officials: ‘Secure are Our Future Elections ‘NOW”

I am leaving this post up, however I can not believe Sam Sewell fell for the obot trick. And while his work thus far has been good, his time at Sentinel Radio has corrupted his sense of reason and he has become bias. So please do read the links posted, however, I do not endorsement the grand juries and especially the lynch mob growing at Sentinel Radio who have proven to be very biased and closed-minded.

It takes no great leap of intellect to know that our election system is fraught with flaws and loop-holes allowing for the most sinister of corruption and thus…

I keep an eye on Sam Sewell of ‘The Steady Drip’. His investigative ethics as an former intelligence officer are exemplary.

Last fall, Sam posted this most obscure tidbit or shall we say ‘bait’:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am very eager to get some validation or followup on the below quoted information. I am also hoping that I am not compromising intelligence. I belong to AFIO and I am sensitive to such matters so I will be quick to remove this post if asked to do so by a legitimate authority.

In August I received a curious email. As a XXXXXX that covers international politics with a focus on Mideast affairs, XXX XXXXX gets a fair share of baseless tips and phony rumors. I ignore most of them and delete them unread. This one was a bit different. It came from a national security lawyer with extensive credentials and intelligence connections that checked out, and a phone number.
XXX XXXXX has been running a series of articles exploring the vagaries of Barack Obama’s birth and concealed documentation, and this was the jumping off point of the email which confirmed the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, that “Mossad are going with Mombassa” but “Proving Mombassa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombassa file and full details of the birth.”

Today, Sam revealsa bit more to this earlier posting that pertains to the newly released Kenyan Registration of Birth of one Barack H. Obama II:

mombasa_copy04035Now pay close attention to this:

Ann filed for Divorce Jan. 20, 1964 (Inauguration Day – what are the odds?), and the date was set by the presiding judge for the trial to commence 30 days after Obama SR would have responded to his notification, sent to Cambridge, Mass (Cambridge – what are the odds? ).

I do believe we ‘DO’ have the smoking gun here folks and I have to say I ‘DO’ fear what the ramifications will be. Our elected officials, both at the state & national levels, were all asked to vet this information last fall, yet they brushed us off as ‘fringe’ and scolded us for following internet rumors.

This will ‘NOT’ go unnoticed in 2010 and every election there after and so I leave you with this video to mark this day in our history, the day that the final piece of the truth comes out, the truth that Obama can no longer escape from:


God Bless our Military & God Bless the Patriotic Retired Intelligence Officers Who Never Give Up Until The Job Is Done!

They Will Not Stand Down Until The ‘Usurper’ Is Removed From ‘We The People’s’ White House



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