No Time to Sit Idle: Senate Updates in RED

Yesterday we saw the success of the Sotomayor campaign to slowdown her confirmation. I would be dreaming if I said we actually had a chance to halt it altogether. The fact is, we don’t stand a chance as long as the progressive statists control all aspects of Congress and while most people are still oblivious to the Constitutional ramifications of a Supreme Court Justice seated during an illegitimate presidency.

Today is another gift given to us. The gift to wake up once again, give praise to the Lord and then get down to business. The business of fighting for the survival of our Constitution.

On the Senate floor today, Sen. Thune will be introducing his “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” Amendment. This will allow law abiding citizens who have a legally obtained concealed weapons permit, to be allowed to keep that weapon on him/her or in their vehicle when crossing state lines. This has been a plight of the hard working law abiding American truckers for years. Law abiding truckers who pose no threat, but have many threats against them and are always on constant guard from theft.

Thus, I am asking, if you have not already made the call, please make it early today and ask your Senators to vote “YES” for Thune’s amendment. At no time in history has the attack against our 2nd Amendment rights ever been so great; as we now have an administration form the top down, including his justice department, that would like nothing more than to unarm every American citizen.

UPDATE: Live debate on Thune’s Amendment is happeing on C-Span2 right now. Also, take a moment to read Sen. Thune’s op-ed in the NY Times. The vote is said to happen shortly, however Sen. Durbin and Sen. Menendez, you know those guys who want free health care for all illegal immigrants are threatening to fillibuster.

Health care legislation seems to have come to a screeching halt for now, but “DO NOT” let that deceive you. You can take to the bank, the fact that the progressive statists are working behind closed doors and trying to make deals aka show me the money to get their Orwellian legislation(pdf of house bill) to the floor and passed before the August break per their Messiah’s wishes.

So, in closing, I leave you with some words of wisdom from the very men that graced our country with their wisdom and strength to stand firm against tyranny:


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