UPDATED:New Health Care Tax: $8,000 For Every Family of Four On Top of the Cost of the Mandated Health Insurance

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Dem’s say: “uh, but it’s only,uh, uh, a pittance uh, uh compared to what we are already going to uh, uh, soak you with…uh…so what’s the big deal?”

News came out today that the Health Care legislation being drafted by the Democrats will include a 600 billion dollar tax increase and a $400 billion reduction in Medicare and Medicaid services(cuts in medical care for our military and elderly).

WaPo:In his weekly radio address, Obama proposed limiting the growth of Medicare fee-for-service payments …(snip)… Obama also proposed slashing subsidies to hospitals that treat uninsured patients, on the theory that very few uninsured patients will remain in the wake of reform. (Umm, kinda ignorant thinking of him, in light of his view to keep the doors open for the illegal immigrants who are the super majority of this type of abuse)

If we take this into perspective, as it will affect every single breathing body in the United States as medical insurance will now be mandatory if this is passed, the cost to each and every man, woman and child will be a mere $2000(estimated and rounded off) a year. Of course this is a low-ball estimate as they also said the cost of their program will in all likelihood be upwards of a trillion dollars and we all know how accurate their numbers are.

“There is no doubt that Medicare and Medicaid need reform, but serious changes should not be rushed through Congress as part of a new government-run program that will raise taxes and make health care more expensive, costing middle-class families even more,” said House  Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio).

So, the average family of 4 will be taxed an additional $8,000 a year on top of having to pay for their mandated health insurance. Oh, wait a minute, not everyone pays taxes, so double that number as only half of the country’s households pay income tax.

The good news is, the Dems are getting a lot of flack and feed-back from the moderates in their own party, so let’s keep up the pressure on DC and get this squashed, bagged up and thrown out into the trash-heap of bad legislation where it belongs.

But like other parts of Obama’s plan to pay for health reform, the measures announced today are likely to be met with skepticism on Capitol Hill. Many lawmakers are not enthusiastic about slashing payments to hospitals and other providers back home without clear evidence that the cuts will not hurt patients. Even small cuts on the Senate Finance Committee list have provoked widespread grumbling.

Aides in Senate Finance and House Ways and Means, whose members are now working furiously to draft health reform financing plans, predicted today that Obama’s new proposals would “raise some hackles” and spur “some pushback.”

It was also unclear whether $950 billion would indeed be enough to cover the full cost of reform. Some outside analysts have said that Congress may have to spend $1.5 trillion or more…

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One thought on “UPDATED:New Health Care Tax: $8,000 For Every Family of Four On Top of the Cost of the Mandated Health Insurance

  1. gunxclimber June 12, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Not to mention this will be eugenics “health” care. If you smoke, are overweight, have high blood pressure, are genetically predisposed to a disease(we all will be genetically tested), eat “unhealthy food” or come from a “bad gene pool”, are too old, etc… you will either not get health care or your taxes will be increased. This is a fast lane entrance to the road to tyranny. Oh lets not forget mandatory vaccines/medications. The opposite of health freedom.

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