AP Disses Holocaust Museum Shooting for Obama Affirmative Action Agenda

AP biased today in history june 12 2009

Even hisorical reporting is not safe from the “Obama Bias” cult:

Forget the fact that Virginia, in 1776 the colonial legislature passed the 1st “Bill of Rights”; Forget that in 1967, the Supreme Court threw out a Virginia state law banning interracial marriages; Forget the fact on this day in 1929, Holocaust diarist Anne Frank, who’s memoir is amongst the most revered accounting’s of the Jewish plight during Hitler’s reign, was born.

In reflection of this weeks  events and the attack on the Holocaust Museum in DC, the birth of Anne Frank would have been the appropriate highlight for “Today in History”, but no:

Instead AP chooses to ‘highlight” a civil rights murder in some sick agenda to cloud the fact that the civil rights struggle ended 0ver 40 years ago.

In my humble opinion, this is just another example of a media tool being abused to help promote “affirmative action” and keep racial tensions alive for the leftist liberal agenda.

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