***Breaking News*** US Congressman Sullivan (R-OK) Resigns? UPDATE

DEVELOPING: If the ending to this breaking news pans out, this is VERY GOOD NEWS for true Conservatives. RHINOs Beware!!!


OK Rep. John Sullivan Seeks Alcohol Treatment

NewsOn6.com Posted: May 29, 2009 5:25 PM CDT  Updated: May 29, 2009 9:38 PM CDT

TULSA, Oklahoma — Tulsa Congressman John Sullivan checked himself into the Betty Ford Center in California to treat an alcohol addiction Thursday night.


RON JENKINS Associated Press Writer  6:33 PM CDT, May 29, 2009

“I value my relationship with the citizens of Oklahoma’s First Congressional District, whom I am privileged and honored to have served for the past eight years. So, I wanted to be open and honest on this tough situation,” the conservative Republican said in his statement.


Our support and prayers go out to Congressman Sullivan, praying for a full recovery for him as well as the respect to privacy that he and his family deserve. In the meantime, inside reports have leaked out that OK State Rep. Mike Ritze (R) has been appointed by the OK Governor to fill Congressman Sullivan’s seat in the US House of Representatives:

May 30, 2009 – 1:52PM ************ BREAKING NEWS ************ and great news “Yes thats right folks, the man who stood up on December 22,2008 and said I am not going to take it anymore is about to become US CONGRESSMAN DR MIKE RITZE”

The congressman in Dr Mike’s district checked into a rehab center and then resigned. Dr. Mike was appointed in his place. This is the information that I recieved from ***(name redacted for security/privacy) this morning. I sent Dr. Mike an email congratulating him and he sent it back saying “Thanks ***(name redacted for security/privacy)”.


http://www.okhouse.gov/     mailto:mike.ritze@okhouse.gov



I have had the pleasure of conversing and corresponding with Dr Mike Ritze this year. He is one of the most up-standing, forthright and conservative Representative any state constituent could ask for. He has an unwavering record in his work for a very limited central government, he stands strong and firm for state rights as well as individual rights under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and he is NOT afraid to take on the “BIG GUNS” to get passed what he knows is the right and proper thing under the original intent of the framers of the Constitution!!!

With the libs working to quickly shove national health-care down our throats before the end of summer, we will now have another working, yet a much more powerfully stronger voice for the side of conservatism and the free market enterprise.

This is another small step for Conservatives nationwide. Let us say a nightly prayer that our own wavering elected officials will drink from Rep Mike Ritze’s cup of “Constitutional Kool-aide”!

So, in closing, just know that this is my optimism spouting off here. Mike’s appointment is yet to be announced publicly, so please do not quote this as official until the fat lady has finished singing.

UPDATE: the reports of Sullivan’s resignation were premature, but due to not yet released information, it is expected that he will be resigning. I will update when I have full confirmation.

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