Classic Cases Of Kool-Aide Withdrawal Sprouting Up Nationwide!

As Telepromter in Chief jet sets to NY for Broadway show, his followers are reeling from KOOL-AIDE withdrawal:


Obama is useless. Worse than that, he’s dangerous. Which is why, if he has any patriotism left after the thousands of meetings he has sat through with corporate contributors, blood-sucking lobbyists and corrupt politicians, he ought to step down now — before he drags us further into the abyss.


Obama is cute. He is charming. But there is something rotten inside him. Unlike the Republicans who backed George W. Bush, I won’t follow a terrible leader just because I voted for him. Obama has revealed himself. He is a monster, and he should remove himself from power.

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A few more bad policies, a few more America Bashing Tours overseas and a few more jet-setting dates on the tax-payer dime and he’s going to be needing some of his own “Hope ‘N’ Change”.

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