Why Obama is so “Unwilling” to let go of the Auto Industry


TIC (teleprompter in chief) just announced the government is not in the auto business and that GMAC will fund future Chrysler products…in the same breath he announced that “we the people” will be funding GMAC in their efforts to fund this ponzie scheme because the UAW has already given to many concessions to ask them to give more. 

How stupid does he really think we are? Does he really think he is fooling us?


Control of organised labor is a key component of the Obama administration’s power plan.

The Communist Party USA’s Peoples Weekly World January 31st ’09 quoted President Obama as saying;

“I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem. To me, it’s part of the solution.”

Obama wants to unify the labor movement under a centralised socialist leadership, answerable to him. This will provide President Obama and the Democrats with money and armies of loyal foot soldiers for their battles with the Republicans, “disloyal” Dems and non compliant businesses.

It will also enable Obama to neutralise resistance to amnesty and citizenship for more than 10 million illegal workers curently in the US-which will almost certainly lock in millions of extra votes for Obama and the Democrats.

One organisation, American Rights at Work (ARW) has served as a key transmission belt from Obama to the labor movement. It is now looking increasingly like becoming Obama’s key control mechanism over the union movement.

ARW has strong ties to Obama’s old friends Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the ultra left “think tank” Institute for Policy Studies (infamous in the 1970s and ’80s for its reported links to Soviet and Cuban intelligence services)and surprisingly one of the US’s largest mosques.

Here’s a “who’s who” of key American Rights at Work personnel.

David Bonior ARW President-A confirmed DSA member, Bonior was honored in December 2008 by Detroit DSA at its 10th annual Frederick Douglass-Eugene V. Debs Dinner.

According to Talking Union; David Bonior served in Congress for 26 years rising through the leadership to become the Democratic Caucus Whip. During his tenure in Congress, Bonior fought to raise the minimum wage, protect pensions, support unions, and extend unemployment benefits. He led the fight to oppose NAFTA in 1993. He worked to prevent war in Central America in the 1980s and again to prevent the Iraq War in 2002. After leaving Congress, Bonior co-founded American Rights at Work, a labor advocacy and research organization, which has made passage of the Employee Free Choice Act its major legislative priority. Bonior was recently appointed to the Obama economic team.

Bonior was touted as a likely Obama Labor Secretary but withdrew his name from contention. Obama then delegated Bonior to broker a re-unification of the US labor movement, bringing the Change To Win grouping and the AFL-CIO back together under one banner.

According to RBO

The NYT’s David Greenhouse reported that, on January 7, the union presidents first met with Bonior, a member of Obama’s economic transition team…Bonior helped “arrange and oversee” the meeting.

The union presidents issued their joint call after the transition team for President-elect Barack Obama signaled that it would prefer dealing with a united movement, rather than a fractured one that often had two competing voices.

read entire article here. It brings light as to the labor secretary and other TIC appointees.

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