The “New Foundation” . . . How to Push Through a Radical Health Care Plan: UPDATED and DEVELOPING: “GE is bringing a whole new meaning into your “life” and it has nothing to do with elecronics”

When dealing with radical politicians and their voting record, the 1st course of action is to follow the money…

Pharma and health product industry campaign contributions continue to rise, with donations to Sen. Barak Obama at $900,000 and contributions to Sen. John McCain about half that; combined with contributions to Sen. Hilary Clinton, that brings the Democratic contribution total to almost three times that of the Republican total:

AstraZeneca’s Flu Campaign Season Begins (Pharma’s Market)
In his blog, Mike Huckman discusses new statistics regarding the amount of money pharma has contributed to presidential candidates in the upcoming election.

After highlighting a new online ad campaign from AstraZeneca in which consumers are urged to choose their preferred “administration” for flu vaccine, Huckman provides some numbers about political campaign contributions.

“As of last Wednesday, the pharmaceuticals/health products industry has given more than $900,000 to Sen. Barack Obama. And Sen. John McCain has moved into third place with $442,000 in contributions,” he writes. “And all told, so far, the drug companies, which traditionally favor Republicans over Democrats, have given three times as much money to Sen. Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton combined than [they have] to the presumptive GOP nominee.”

And who is part of this? None other than NOVAVAX, the bio-tech firm who’s stock just doubled from this so called flu-pandemic:

Aug 2008: A new bird flu vaccine developed by Novavax from insect cell cultures proved effective in spurring an immune response in a human trial. Report

So, this is government we can trust?

Expect more fear mongering from the hill to promote their agenda and gain financial benefit to those that supported their campaign AKA “pay to play” Washington style. GE is bringing a whole new meaning into your “life” and it has nothing to do with elecronics.

In the meantime, take precautions as you would for any flu season, just know that it was the vaccine that caused the deaths in 1918 flu pandemic, not the flu itself. Buyer beware.

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