Obama Snuggles Up to the World’s Worst Religious Suppressing Regimes

AP ( Washington): A congressionally backed panel said Friday that religious freedoms were deteriorating in Russia, Turkey and four other nations that were added to a watch list of countries where people’s rights to worship as they please or not to worship at all are at risk…

Besides Russia and NATO-member Turkey, the commission added to the watch list Laos, Somalia, Tajikistan and Venezuela. They joined Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba and Egypt, already on the list.

Countries are placed on the watch list or the more serious “countries of particular concern” list because their governments either discriminate against people for religious reasons or are unwilling or unable to stop religious violence by their citizens.

The commission used the report to ask the Obama administration at least to “give due consideration” whether to abide by a law that requires the ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom be a “principal adviser to the president and the secretary of state regarding matters affecting religious freedom.”

So, Do You Feel Safer?

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