In Honor of “Sgt. LeRoy O. Webster” and “ALL” the Soldiers Who Have Fallen Before Him

In Honor of Sgt. LeRoy O. Webster and ALL the other soldiers who have fallen before him. Please remember to lower your flags to half staff on Saturday and say an extra prayer for the families of the fallen soldiers.

We come to You now with a special prayer for our nation
during this time of crisis. We know Father, You are always
in control. We ask Your blessings on this nation, our
military, and our leaders. Thank You Heavenly Father for
the freedoms You have given us, and help us to protect
those freedoms we take for granted. For the families of
those who have lost their lives, we ask the peace and
comfort only You can give. Your will be done
Father, not ours, as we have faith in You knowing what is
best. Thank You for hearing our prayer, in the name of our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray.


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