What a Week So Far . . .

porklogo2From field trips for legislatures to taxing sheep belching and  cow farts, our elected officials sure keep things interesting. Interesting yes, but more so for me, it is infuriating.

We have a rouge executive branch that is trampling on the Constitution with every word it utters and with every new program it proceeds to shove down our throats, another piece of our freedom is lost. At the state level, lawmakers refuse to even consider action to secure our state sovereignty from a real threat and citizens roam as if they are drones with no brains to think for themselves any more.

I do give respect to Gov Rounds for realizing the undue long term hardships business owners would have been made to assume should he have accepted the unemployment funds. For those who do not agree I suggest you get off your butt and open your own business, hire employees and see how hard it is to make a living. It always amazes me how people scream for a free hand-out and scream discrimination or favoritism, when they have absolutely no clue or basis for their rants other than they are either too lazy or too ignorant to learn the truth.

The Constitution specifically states that every person has the right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. NO WHERE does it say a person is guaranteed a job, house or even the basics of food. What it does give you is the freedom to pursue all avenues to attain these for yourself. The last I checked, there are plenty of jobs available and though they may not be what you are accustomed to, sometimes we have to just bite the bullet and do what we have to to provide for ourselves and our families.155134a_a

The Constituion is also very specific as to the duties of the US Govt, what remains with the states and what ever is not listed under either of those remains with the people. Well, now we have US & State govts usurping duties that were to remain in the hands of the people, the US Govt usurping duties that should have remained with the States and a population so lazy and ignorant to even care that with every handout they beg for from the govt, they are allowing more of our freedoms to be usurped.

We do still have time, but I can honestly say that time is getting pretty limited. The bright shining light of the “FREE REPUBLIC” of the United States of America is growing dimmer each day.

So while I wait to see how Congress votes to find out just how many more billions of tax payer dollars, that don’t exist, they intend on spending, I invite you to listen to a bit of Levin with me if you wish to as he dives into the real threat of nationalized healthcare. He may be blunt at times, but he helps keep me sane.

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