Congratulations To The February Austin Music City CD Voter’s Poll winner, Justin Haigh! We are so Proud of You!

Home Grown in South Dakota, Justin Haigh is more than just an up and coming country music star. He is a friend, confidant and a true American Patriot.

We had the pleasure of getting to know Justin many years ago before his music career even got off it’s feet. The year he drove truck for my brother-in-law, Justin blessed us with a private concert during a Christmas party at the truck shop. I will never forget feeling the passion and love in his voice that night where he sat upon the wooden steps leading to the tiny office while he sang for us the song dedicated to his uncle, “Melvin’s Song”. We were “hooked” and knew that God had blessed Justin with a very special talent that would lead him to great places.

Though the road has been long and even though Justin still struggles with his day job of long haul trucking, like any true dedicated American Patriot, he continues to press on to realize his American Dream.

We love ya Justin, and as you always say…”May the Horse Be With You Always”

God Bless, Don, Linda, Michelle and Allie


Congratulations To The February Austin Music City CD Voter’s Poll winner, Justin Haigh!

ImageIt was the Superbowl of poll contests for sure in the February listener’s poll with a tight race all month long but in the end it was Justin Haigh and his song “Ain’t Leaving” that finished in the number one spot.

With a huge following and an extremely well produced group of songs under his belt, Haigh is definitely on the “one to watch” list of new artists. And with influences in the business that stretch from Merle Haggard to Metallica, it’s easy to see how he has been able to tap into his own imagination to come up with some very powerful and vivid material to record. His songs are lined with a plaintive, sometimes brutal honesty that is not harnessed img_0in any way by commercialism or the need to please anyone, in other words, what you see is what you hear.

Another thing he has going for him is that he doesn’t sound like anybody else. A distinctive voice that sets him apart from many of the Texas music acts in the fact that he can actually sing, a welcome advantage that can certainly be appreciated when listening to many of the new releases that have been received in recent months and is probably one of the main reasons for the huge following. Whether in an intimate setting in a small club or in a packed arena, here is an artist that could pull it off in either situation. 

It’s a comforting thing to me to know there is an artist like this that is coming up in the biz that knows what’s up, Haigh is not only keenly aware of what it takes to write and sing a song but is also appreciative of the ones that came before him and familiar with and indebted to the history of those performers. Just listen to the song “Waylon” and you’ll know what I mean.

“I Ain’t Leaving”, “Out In The Fields” “Let’s Chase Each Other” and my personal favorite “Monahans” are all definite keepers and fine examples of things to come for a fine Texas artist.

Currently working on a new CD with producer Lew Curatolo of Heritage Records in Austin and Joe Scaife of Nashville it will be interesting to hear the finished product. For more on Justin Haigh, check out for a glimpse of what will definitely be “one to watch”.

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