A Constitution Town Hall

For those waiting for my next series of articles to start, the wait will be just another couple of days.

Today I am participating in “A Constitution Town Hall” hosted by Hillsdale College :

“Reviving the Constitution”
A Constitution Town Hall, brought to you by the
Allan P. Kirby, Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship

I am a subscriber to Hillsdale’s Imprmis  publication, which is free to the public, and the information in it is absolutely fascinating, informational & rewarding. Hillsdale is an entirely, privately funded college that does not accept government funding or government backed student loans, therefore they are not under obligation to shove government propaganda literature down their students throats. They also require all students to learn the Constitution & our conservative founding as a prerequisite for graduation.

The townhall runs from 9am – 3pm EST today and is sure to be jam packed with loads of American history & the background of our founding documents. We were given loads of prior information to read up on and I can’t wait to start taking notes and expanding on my knowledge so that I may pass it on to you. I am especially excited to hear the lecturers speak on citizenship as we know there are big plans for immigration & amnesty behind the closed doors of the statist in Washington. We also know that there are many areas where our government is turning a blind eye to the laws pertaining to aliens, immigration and how certain aliens obtain their US citizenship.

So, come back on Monday & begin a new journey with some fresh perspective.

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