Massachusetts Miracle: Kennedy’s Reign No More & Online Chat With Herseth-Sandlin

YES! It was the “SCOTT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD”! Congratulations US Senator Scott Brown!

The Dakota War College had a good quip yesterday from state Rep. Blake Curd, who is running against Herseth-Sandlin For the US House seat, and they couldn’t have put it any truer:

We must be approaching the Groundhog’s day Recess, as Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin is momentarily poking her head out of her Washington cave to determine whether or not it’s safe for her to come out. Usually, she dives back into DC for 8 more months, and is only seen in campaign commercials, and scripted events:

Blake Curd Encourages South Dakotans To Ask Rep. Herseth Sandlin Questions Tomorrow

SIOUX FALLS – U.S. House Candidate, doctor and U.S. Air Force veteran Blake Curd today reminded concerned South Dakota citizens that tomorrow might be their only chance to ask Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin about how she plans to vote on the final version of the health care bill. Rep. Herseth Sandlin has agreed to take questions from the public during a online chat session with the Rapid City Journal tomorrow at 12:00PM MST.

“This might be the only opportunity South Dakotans have to dialogue with Rep. Herseth Sandlin before the final vote on the health care bill. I encourage concerned citizens to log in online tomorrow and let our Representative know how they feel. Sadly, other live forums or townhall meetings are highly unlikely,” said Curd, a State Representative representing Lincoln and Minnehaha Counties.

“Democratic leaders promised this would be the most open and transparent legislative process in history. Unfortunately it has been far from that. Our own Representative has kept the public in the dark about her position on the health care reform until the last minute before the vote. South Dakotans deserve better than that,” said Curd.

I had the opportunity to sit in on the online live chat with Herseth-Sandlin this afternoon that was sponsored by the Rapid City Journal. As usual, all rhetoric & no substance. When my questioned was asked regarding future stimulus spending to create jobs, she said she voted against a so-called one this last Dec, but said she voted against it because it was rushed and not well thought out. So in otherwords, she is still not opposed to BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING & BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT as long as she gets her piece of the pie.

Read the Dakota War College response to the online chat appropriately titled:

Sounds like Herseth Sandlin is already planning a election year repeat: The Debate-duck

Time for South Dakotans to send our own ‘Shot Heard Round the World in November and send Herseth-Sandlin packing, just as we did to her mentor, Tom Daschle, in 2004.

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