“God Doesn’t Drive Parked Cars”

I finally received my copy of ‘Going Rogue” and have managed to begin reading it during breaks from my Christmas gift sewing. Then today my Limbaugh letter arrived and I have to say, it was one I couldn’t put down til the end because it was almost totally dedicated to Limbaugh’s interview of Sarah.

At the closing of the interview, Rush asks Sarah about her quote, “God doesn’t drive parked cars”. What a curious quote this was, so to the answer I immediately went. Here is my paraphrase of Sarah’s explanation of the meaning.

You’ve got to get out there if you want try try to effect change. Make the effort, work hard and throughout the day, do what you believe is the right thing to do. Then put it in His hands because in the end, it is He that is in charge. He has got the whole world in His hands and He doesn’t drive parked cars.

Sarah will be at the Sioux Falls Barnes & Nobles this Saturday Sunday. Best wishes to all those planning to attend and drop me a note of your experience if you wish.

Blogging will also continue to be light until after Christmas unless Congress goes overtly rogue during the next 2 weeks.

Merry Christmas & may God’s Grace & Peace be with you during this joyous season.

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