Hannity Probes Not Constitutionally Qualified Jindal about Presidential Run

Hannity is still pushing the liberal’s global agenda by calling on ‘NOT” constitutionally qualified Jindal to run for President in 2012.

Jindal may have been born on US soil, however, niether of Jindal’s parents were citizens when he was born.

Being ‘natural born’ is only one requirement for president and NOT all natural born citizens may run, so get over any feelings of being president as some sort of right. One can be 32 and natural born, however that person is not qualified to run for president. One can be 35, a natural born, but not lived in the country for the 14 years prior to the election thus making that person ‘NOT’ qualified. Making sure the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces is ‘natural born’, born on US soil to parents(both) who are US citizens, is a national security measure written into the Constitution and adopted by ALL states to guard against foreign influence & intrigue that we are now seeing with Obama.

Jindal was raised on US soil by parents who practiced & taught Jindal the influences of their home country of India. You can NOT disolve those influences in ones own lifetime & the founding fathers knew it.

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