Hawaii Five Uh-Oh Part V : Attorney Client Privilege v. UIPA

http://ralphlosey.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/hawaii.jpgPolitics & open records laws, when combined, are hard nuts to crack as Leo Donofrio  & team are finding out. Here is the latest update in the UIPA requests. I also encourage all to read up on all the Quo Warranto articles  by Leo. Understanding the Quo Warranto will be very important to ALL American Patriots in the future.

Please do not limit your reading to just the articles. Leo expands on the topics by answering questions in the comments. If you have a question, read through the comments first and if your question is not answered there, then feel free to leave Leo a question. Also, if you have pertinent information regarding the topic, please share it there.

Click on photo for Part V of Hawaii Five Uh-Oh

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