DONOFRIO MEDIA UPDATE: The Awakening Radio; Jeff Rense & TerriK’s New Blog

Leo Donofrio was on The Awakening Radio Program Monday night from 9-11 PM ET.  The second hour also featured Justin Riggs.  The Awakening is co-hosted by Arlen Williams of the Investigating Obama blog.  Arlen has an excellent summary of the Hawaiian Investigation with all the best coverage from around the web.

– Leo Donofrio will be a guest on the Jeff Rense Radio Program, Thursday October 8, 2009 8-9PM PT.

Also, please visit TerriK’s new blog where she continues her excellent research and analysis of the Obama/Hawaii mess.  Everyone should read her latest report:  “Our Worst Nightmare Confirmed – Obama’s COLB Lacks Legal Veracity. What Now?”

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