The Sleeping Giant Has Awoken & the Government Will Be Commanded

A message from Leo:

The public – previously a sleeping giant – is now awake.

The giant is big and powerful. The government will kneel before the giant as the government is not separate to the body of the giant – the government is simply an intellectual limb extending from the body of the giant.

That limb is not a separate entity.

The giant may have suffered a bit of mental illness in thinking that the government limb was an overlord. But the giant is smiling in the mirror now as it recognizes – perhaps for the first time – that the limb is part of the giant’s anatomy.

The giant will command the DoH to issue all information due to the giant under the appropriate laws. The UIPA is such a law. As an attorney, I am very impressed with the UIPA. It’s easy to read, understand, implement and draft appeals under. Whoever drafted it was very skilled. They did the public giant justice. The UIPA was written to protect the eyes of the giant. DoH Communications Director Okubo has placed her thumb directly in the eye of the giant. She never got the memo – “Giant is awake”. Her thumb will be removed from the giant’s eye.

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