ACORN Selects One of Their Own for Independent Investigation..UPDATE

 FOXNEWS is reporting that ACORN has selected former Ma. Attorney General Scott Harshbarger to head their independent investigation and I guess you would have to look into ACORN’s definition of ‘independent’ to understand their reasoning behind this appointment.

Now, the rational person would assume ‘independent’ to mean ‘one free of alliance to ACORN’, however when dealing with crooks, we must always assume ‘independent’ to mean ‘free from outside influence’ as to protect the crook, and so it goes…

The business wire reported in the fall of 2005:

BOSTON — Proskauer Rose LLP, an international law firm with over 700 lawyers in the U.S. and Europe, announced that former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger has joined the firm's Boston office as counsel.   (snip)    Mr. Harshbarger was most recently a partner at Boston-based Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane LLP, where he established the firm's Strategic Litigation/Corporate Governance practice, working with clients on matters involving fiduciary responsibility, governmental and fraud investigations and the development of governance programs.


Then let’s continue to follow-up with this tidbit:

Work-Family Council Initiative Working Paper Series

Neeta Fogg, Paul Harrington and Thomas A. Kochan1

  #0001WFC January 2004

Multi-sector participants helping todevelop and form the Massachusetts Work-Family Council currently include, but are not limited to, interested individuals associated with the following organizations:

ABCD; ACORN;…..Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane;

Massachusetts Work-Family Council Initiative


Digging further, we also see that Scott Harshbarger is no rookie to radical actions/activism:


40. Scott Harshbarger (Mass. Attorney General)

Harshbarger built a child-abuse case against a day-care center’s owners using solely testimony from forty children. Upon investigation by the show 20/20, the testimonies appear forced by Harshbarger. Harshbarger was relentless in keeping the accused behind bars, and he remains as a force in the general climate of child-abuse hysteria.

From: Philip Dhingra, “Who is in Bernard Goldberg’s 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America? And Why?”, written 8 August 2005 (

From: “Scott Harshbarger and the Amirault Case” webpage on website (; viewed 2 December 2005):

[Stories about Scott Harshbarger and the Amirault “child abuse” case:]

…. the mockery of reason and justice — that began when District Attorney Scott Harshbarger mounted a sensational case of child sex abuse against the Amirault family, owners of the Fells Acres Day School in Malden. That was 1984. Today, Scott Harshbarger is the president of Common Cause, spokesman for all the latest in progressive-liberal enlightenment, and Gerald Amirault remains in prison, where he has been for nearly 14 years, with 20 years or more left to serve. “Governor Cellucci’s Chance“, The Wall Street Journal Thursday, April 20, 2000

“Why Swift should free Amirault” ( by James M. Shannon, Boston Globe, 8/17/2001

“Former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger made a political career by framing the Amirault family on child sex abuse charges.” [from] “The Private Use of Public Policy” ( by Paul Craig Roberts

Massachusett’s Scott Harshbarger, who built the fictional case against the Amirault family. Issue # 97 (


And most recently we find this connection of corruption:

Florida bank regulators gave Allen Stanford unusual powers |


Jul 6, 2009 … Thomas Sjoblom of Proskauer Rose is pointed to in both the SEC and FBI filings


Yep, birds of a feather, stick together. Especially when it involves government corruption.

 UPDATE: Published: Friday, September 6, 2002

  • Mercer Delta history and Delta Partners connection to ACORN & PHARMA
  • So, after running a consulting form, he steps down to lobby, but not until he had taken the opportunity to learn the inner workings of government corruption and how to side step the law. Now I wonder how much he really knows about the Madoff scheme and whatr he is protecting for the current firm he is with as stated above.

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