Government Funded “CHILD” Prostitution Via ACORN

This is absolutely appalling. ACORN gets busted in a sting that exposes their involvement in child prostitution. CALL YOUR REPS TODAY and DEMAND an immediate investigation and the immediate HALT of ALL tax payer dollars to ALL ACORN AFFILIATES!

REMEMBER:  ACORN now has been given direct involvement in the census, thus, this proves without a shadow of a doubt we will no longer have fair and free elections if the current administration and their cronies at ACORN are allowed to continue in their take over of the census. Obama cut his proverbial “community organizing baby teeth” through this corrupt crime syndicate and during the campaign, he promised them that they would have the inside track to the white house and a strong say in how government operates if they got him elected. They did not let him down and now he is paying back that debt.

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