Just Who Is Controlling America’s Purse Strings?

For all of my life I was taught that Congress, especially the Congressional Finance/Oversight Committees were the ultimate ‘go-to’ boards that were put in play to oversea America’s treasures/treasuries. SILLY ME, SILLY YOU…if you held the same belief.

It would seem that on October 12, 1917, President Wilson signed Executive Order that turned the control of the American Treasury completely over to the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve. What went on from there over the next several decades is nothing short of disgusting and stomach turning.

The congressional hearings you watch on C-Span are nothing more than a ‘dog and pony’ show put on to keep up the facade that our Constitutional Republic still exists in some form. Didn’t it ever occur to you how a crook/tax cheat could be put in charge of the treasury? A crook/tax cheat that to this very day has NOT been made to pay the back taxes for because of his authority, they no longer exist and have been written off the books.

It has bothered me daily and now I have all the answers and historical documentation to back it up. The crooks have been in charge since the beginning, including Alexander Hamilton who changed his name to hide his heritage. Hamilton was the instigator in forming the initial National Bank & U.S. Federal Corporation of the District of Columbia.

I do not know what to call the form of government we have right now. A democracy under mob rule of the corporate elite? Are we in anarchy without a true form of government or have we slid silently into some form of totalitarian type of nazi/marxist/facist/socialist government? These are the questions that we MUST get answered. Are we electing corporate officers or are we electing representatives? My guess it is the latter former since it seems to not matter what we as a people want anymore. They have decided we no longer matter, we are nothing more than mere slaves to labor for their political/monetary gain. They have numbered us to keep track of us and if we do not fall in line to their elitist rule, we will be hauled off, put in lock-up until we are re-trained into submission.

So here is the key to the scheme, of the enslaving of Americans, that the banking & political elitist have manged to keep going for nearly a century. Will you submit or will you join us in a peaceful, judicial movement to bring all these crooks to justice and return the ‘Republic of the United States of America’ back to the ‘We the People’ or would you rather let them continue to pass even more Orwellian pieces of legislation to further enslave the people to the elitists. They need these bills to keep their coffers fluid otherwise why would it be manditory? Why would we be punished with exorbitant taxes/fines if we do not comply?

The fact is, they(the elitist) need to keep us enslaved to continue their rule over us, but we DO NOT need them. It is time to take the garbage out folks!

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