Breaking News: The Media is Challenged

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This video was created by Pixel Patriot

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Challenge: Define Natural Born Citizen
Exposé detailing how the media is complicit in withholding information about the fraudulent corrupt actions of Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean prior to the 2008 Presidential election and continuing today! This is a cover up with monumental consequences.
‘Breaking News: The Media is Challenged’ discloses breaking news about a petition filed in THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA seeking a remedy by the convening of a Federal Grand Jury. View this Petition to convene a Federal Grand Jury

This Video is Produced by Pixel Patriot, and features Carl Swensson, Foreman for Georgia’s Citizen Grand Jury ( and Patriots Heart Network ( and Listen for the Radio Shows discussing this on Patriot’s Heart Network!

Twitter: patriotsheart Hash Tags: PHNM and DNBC Please add our Twitter Pic to your profile while we wait for the court’s response to the petition to convene a Federal Grand Jury to investigate this critical constitutional crisis!

This video is part of a joint campaign between and, calling out to the Media and to all elected officials sworn to uphold the Constitution to DEFINE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

Citizens, if you are not informed, it is time to become informed and to hold elected officials and the media accountable to Define Natural Born Citizen and then to explain why we have a unconstitutional Presidency.

What are the consequences? If Obama is a Usurper as we believe, all Government returns to January 19, 2008. We will have a new election in 2010!


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