They Call Themselves the ‘UNDEAD REVOLUTION’

New information in from Leo Donofrio has exploded even further the constitutional claims Obama makes to be eligible to be POTUS. It has and will continue to be a fight with the liberal progressives who actually believe that British common law is the core to our constitution. So with that, the fight to win this ‘Revolution’ goes on and the ‘Constitutional’ team has just scored a major ‘Win’ against her opponent in the battle over ‘Interpreting the US Constitution and the framers intent’. 

Rarely, when conducting legal research does one find a historical document that is directly on point.  But even more rare is to find a document which is directly on point multiple times.  But that’s exactly what has happened this week.  A historical document which destroys every bogus point being made by Obama POTUS eligibility supporters was recently discovered by a cracker jack team of university students from UCONN.  They call themselves UNDEAD REVOLUTION.


But for now, and as a lead in to their work, I offer you one of their superb historical finds.  It’s an article from The American Law Review dated Sept./Oct. 1884.  The American Law Review was a premier legal journal –  the brain child of Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes.

This was not a law school publication.  It was considered to be the state of legal art which utilized the most esteemed attorneys of the period.

The article I am about to show you was published in The American Law Review, written by George D. Collins, Esq.  Attorney Collins was the Secretary of the California Bar Association.  His name was recognized nationally for cases in the federal courts and moreso due to his regular publishing of articles via The American Law review.

The article I am excited to bring you is titled:


The article provides historical opposition for every single point raised by Obama eligibility pundits and destroys all propaganda in its path.

The article is written in a clear and concise manner, easily understood by lawyers and lay persons alike.  I will now introduce each relevant issue confronted in this article and then present the article in full for your review.

Leo’s article takes down these  myths that you frequently hear from Obama supporters and expounds on the importance of our national security and the requirement of a president to have ‘Double Allegiance’ to the United States, commonly referred to as ‘Complete Allegiance’ as in ‘there shall be no room for dual allegiance’ in the office of the executive, except at the time of the adoption of this constitution. The permission of naturalized (dual) ctizens into the office of the executive is an exception and soon will be rendered ‘wholly extinct’.

MYTH #1Chester Arthur’s British birth was known and accepted by the American people.

MYTH #2: Lynch v. Clark( a New York State case, not federal) is legal precedent for Obama to be considered a natural born citizen.

MYTH #3: Common law states that being born on the soil – Jus Soli – makes one a “natural born subject” and therefore every person born on US soil is a “natural born citizen”.

MYTH #4Vattell’s definition of a natural born citizen was not considered by the framers.

Additionally, let us also continue our jouney into the minds of the framers. In researching the history of Joseph Story, his references frequently referred me to Justice James Wilson who was appointed to the Supreme Court by George Washington in 1789. Wilson was also one of the more influential delegates at the Constitutional Convention and in Wilson’s Works Volume 1 ( Published in Philadelphia in 1804), Wilson writes in depth about the Laws of Nature, as well as the Laws of Nations, and how they pertain to the Constitution of the United States. Here are a few excepts, from the works of Wilson, that are sure to strike some intrigue in your educational taste-buds:

“It is high time that the law should be rescued from this injurious imputation. Like other sciences, it should enjoy the advantages of the light, which have resulted from the resurrection of letters; for, like the other sciences, it has suffered extremely from the thick veil of mystery spread over it in the dark and scholastick ages.” 

“The law of nature, when applied to states or political societies, receives a new name, that of the law of nations. This law, important in all states, is of peculiar importance in free ones. The states of America are certainly entitled to this dignified appellation.” (snip) “In the United States, a system of republicks, the law of nations acquires an importance still more peculiar and distinguished. In the United States, the law of nations, operates upon peculiar relations, and upon those relations with peculiar energy.” (snip) “The law of nations, as well as the law of nature, is of obligation indispensable: the law of nations, as well as the law of nature is of origin divine.”

With every turn of the page, with every click to a new historical document we find that, there is so much more to learn as we continue to dive into this great Constitution of ours and its rich history. Wilson, being one of the ‘original’ Supreme Court justices as well as a major voice on drafting the constitution will definitely have more to say in coming posts. Until then, I encourage you to visit the links within this article and be sure to study up at Leo’s site as well.

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