Ramifications Of A POTUS Who Is A ‘British Subject’

From Leo Donofrio:

POTUS Usurper Chester Arthur Forced Military To Salute British Flag.

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Back in December, this blog broke the story that former US President Chester Arthur lied – in newspaper interviews with the Brooklyn Eagle – about his parental heritage.  These lies covered up the fact that Chester Arthur, at the time of his birth, was a British Subject due to the fact that his father, William Arthur, was not a US citizen at the time Chester was born.  This fact, had it been discovered back when Chester Arthur was running for Vice President, would have been an impediment to his nomination.

As fate would have it, Chester Arthur became President when Garfield was assassinated by a rabid Chester Arthur supporter.

Recently, there has been attempts in the main stream media (Colbert Report and AP propaganda) to normalize the fact that Chester Arthur served as President while also being a closet British subject.

We shall now examine one very upsetting official action taken by Chester Arthur as President of the US which bears witness to the importance of an accurate historical record for establishing such concepts as motive, allegiance and national sovereignty.



[Footnote 2: Read by the Secretary of State before the people assembled
to celebrate the Yorktown Centennial.]

YORKTOWN, VA., _October 19, 1881_.

In recognition of the friendly relations so long and so happily
subsisting between Great Britain and the United States, in the trust and
confidence of peace and good will between the two countries for all the
centuries to come, and especially as a mark of the profound respect
entertained by the American people for the illustrious sovereign and
gracious lady who sits upon the British throne

_It is hereby ordered_, That at the close of the ceremonies
commemorative of the valor and success of our forefathers in their
patriotic struggle for independence the British flag shall be saluted by
the forces of the Army and Navy of the United States now at Yorktown.

The Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy will give orders


By the President:
_Secretary of State_.

That’s incredible.  By Executive Order, the POTUS usurper and closet British subject ordered our military to salute the British flag.  I do not know of any other time in our national history where this happened. Read this part again:

commemorative of the valor and success of our forefathers in their
patriotic struggle for independence the British flag shall be saluted by
the forces of the Army and Navy of the United States now at Yorktown.

Commemorative of our struggle to rid ourselves of the British flag, and in recognition of the blood shed on the field of battle, the usurper forced our military to salute the enemy flag.  This is simply a form of blasphemy against our Constitution and our forefathers.  The act of saluting is an act of allegiance.  Chester Arthur can kiss my arse.

It was demanded of our military that they salute the flag of Great Britain.

There is nothing ceremonial about such an act.  A salute is a salute.  It has power and force.  A salute to the Queen in her silly robes and throne holding a golden scepter is disgusting.  Our military swears an oath to protect the US and its Constitution not the monarchy of Great Britain who our forefathers died on the battlefield trying to save us from.

What were they saving us from?  They were saving us from a future as subjects of a Crown.  They were saving us from being forced to bear loyalty to a monarch who believes there is something in her blood which makes her the rightful ruler of a people.

It is the very concept of royalty that the framers designed this country in opposition to.

The US is a direct creation of men who were determined that Government should fear the citizens.  But when was the last time that happened?  Our Government does not fear the people, but rather strikes fear in the people.

In his state of the Union address on December 6, 1881, Chester Arthur discussed this treasonous act as follows:

The feeling of good will between our own Government and that of Great Britain was never more marked than at present. In recognition of this pleasing fact I directed, on the occasion of the late centennial celebration at Yorktown, that a salute be given to the British flag…

The presence at the Yorktown celebration of representatives of the French Republic and descendants of Lafayette and of his gallant compatriots who were our allies in the Revolution has served to strengthen the spirit of good will which has always existed between the two nations.

Wasn’t this unconstitutional act a diplomatic smack in the face to France, our allies in the revolutionary war?  As long as the usurper was in the mood for a flag saluting free for all, why salute the enemy flag and not the flag of France, a country who saw men killed fighting for our freedoms as opposed to saluting the monarchy which tried to enslave us more than once?

[Thanks to reader Joss Brown who first brought this to my attention.]

Chester Arthur also appointed Justice Horace Gray to the US Supreme Court.  Gray wrote the majority decision in Wong Kim Ark.  That decision seriously damaged the true meaning of the 14th Amendment by subverting the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” and thereafter weakening the jurisdiction of the US to prevent abuse of our immigration and naturalization laws.

The decision in Wong Kim Ark at first glance tends to give the appearance of sanitizing Chester Arthur’s citizenship issues.  One cannot help but wonder if Justice Gray was protecting the legality of his SCOTUS appointment.  Such is the everlingering stench of usurpation upon national precedent.

I expect that with these revelations coming at a rather fast pace, internet researchers/bloggers etc. will continue to unearth more relevant facts which bear witness to the true wisdom our forefathers had when they wrote Article 2, Section, 1, Clause 5: the natural born citizen POTUS eligibility requirement.

It comes as no surprise to me that usurper Chester Arthur, a closet British Subject, forced the US military to salute the flag of Great Britain.  Furthermore, his words of respect for the unjust institution of  monarchy – where the subjects are held by law to be lesser creatures than those of the throne – is a blasphemy on the principles of our republican form of Government where we the people own the country and its government.

This very concept –  that the government must answer to we the people – is a blasphemy to monarchy.  Since Chester Arthur was a natural born subject of Great Britain, he was born into blasphemy of our republican form of Government.


US President Barack Obama, Jr. was also a natural born British citizen/subject, a fact he has openly admitted.  I will examine his current status under the monarchy of Great Britain in a forthcoming report.

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