Proof That E. F Lavender Worked for the British Government

Lavender 1Lavender 2H/T to Mario Apuzzo commenter Nick

Nick said…

On this new birth document, some critics are saying that it is a hoax because E.F. Lavender (a name appearing on the document) is a detergent product. However, here’s something interesting:

An old Australian newspaper (The Argus) from July 13, 1915. Zoom in on “Law Clerks’ Offer.” It talks about a man named E.F. Lavender. I’m not saying it’s the same man — after all, 1915 to 1961 is a 46 year gap — though theoretically it COULD be the same man. But anyway, the point is that Australia also has ties to England as did Kenya. The British monarch is still the Australian chief of state even today. So if there was a man in Australia named E.F. Lavender, who says there couldn’t be one in Kenya?


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