CFP Contributor JB Williams Threatens Me

This from JB Williams after some pretty heated e-mails when I questioned him on using a US Law that hasn’t existed for over 200 years, now he comes after me:

You also need to know that you have violated privacy laws by posting private email for public consumption without my prior knowledge or consent.
You have been so notified.
JB Williams
JB Williams bio
JB, when you got personal and started calling me ‘Luv’ instead of by my proper name, you dear sir are the one that crossed the line. I also googled your name and I sure would like a list of all those nationwide and worldwide publications you claim you are published in because I could only find a few.
So, I suggest you take your ego somewhere else, because I have come across far worse than you and I have fired far worse than you, however, I have NOT lost my keen sense of sizing someone up from their actions and their words. I have a file drawer full of JB Williams that never made it onto payroll.
For the record, let it speak for itself:
After much correspondence with JB, he being very condescending much of the time, here is how he leaves in his last post talking to me like I’m an idiot:

I have all of Leo’s link luv… but thanks.

It is critical to realize that it takes a Constitutional Amendment to alter ratified Constitutional text. There is NO other means available for altering Constitutional text.

You may also liek to know that when I questioned him as to who were the legal minds he referenced he came back with this vague answer:


I am the great legal mind that I listen to. As a business owner of more than twenty-five years, I found that lawyers were grossly overrated as experts on the law.

I can read. I am one of the best researchers in America. I can find anything. If I don’t understand a passage in old English, I pull out my 1828 Webster’s and look up what the Founders meant by the words they chose and ratified. I have been studying Constitutional history for twenty-five years and writing about it for twelve.

So we have a liar who embellishes the truth.

You see, I quoted from his e-mails, but I did not post them, 2 very different things JB!
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