GOP Health Reform Bill Looks Promising

Vis FoxNews:

House Republicans on Wednesday unveiled a $700 billion health care plan that would offer tax credits to help people buy insurance, yet unlike Democratic proposals, wouldn’t require either individuals or employers to get coverage.

OK, this is good. The Report goes on:

The plan avoids expanding the federal role in overseeing the health insurance industry. Unlike Democratic proposals, it would not set up new federally regulated purchasing pools for individuals and small businesses.

Cool, tell me more:

It would provide grants to states to help set up high-risk pools for people with medical problems who are denied coverage by commercial insurers.


The GOP bill would take on medical malpractice, limiting jury awards for pain and suffering and creating new health courts in which a specially trained judge would hear and decide cases involving medical negligence.

Now that;s what I call putting those ‘trip & fall’ lawyers in their place.

So far, so good, but as always, we will have to wait for the audit by Heritage to understand the real ‘nuts & bolts’ of it.

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