Open Letter to the Main Stream Media & Conservative Radio Hosts

You don’t know me, yet you act as if you are above me.

You don’t know me, yet you mock me.

You don’t know me, yet you sit in judgement of me.

In a world as complicated as the one we live in today, we must remain ever vigilant to the values, beliefs and wisdom of our founding fathers. As journalists and national media hosts, under the constitution, it is your job to to protect the Constitution. Freedom of the press was to be the tool that was supposed to protect the people from government tyranny ever happening, yet you have turned your backs to us and for what reason.

When you pick and choose which parts of the Constitution are worth more than others, you are going against every fiber that great document was written on.

When you pick and choose which parts deserve your reporting, you are desecrating the life and blood of every American Soldier who has fought & died for your freedoms.

What will you say I wonder when our brave men & women return to a country that is less free than the one they were fighting in. When those foreign nations are freer than the one they have returned to.

When the qualifications for the highest political office of our nation are no longer held reverent, then there is nothing left.

When the people no longer have the right to a legitimate election of legitimate candidates, we are no longer a free nation.

When the one holding the highest office of the land is not made to adhere to the laws of the land, we are no longer a free nation.

So, let there be an Emperor

Let there be Czars

For we no longer have a media to protect the people afar.


An American Patriot for the Preservation of the Constitution

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