UMMM . . . About That New Car Warranty You Were Promised Would Be Protected . . .

This was Obama in March:

This is what Obama’s New Auto Czar is saying this week and what the mainstream media is covering up:

AT reports: Ron Bloom, who heads the presidential auto task force, also said the administration had ended its program to guarantee warranties on GM and Chrysler vehicles while they were in bankruptcy, with $641 million that had been set aside for the program returned to the government with interest:

Automotive News is reporting that new Auto Task Force head Ron Bloom informed a House Judiciary subcommittee that the government would no longer be backing the warranties of GM and Chrysler, adding “consumers can now feel assured that the companies have the financial wherewithal to meet their warranty commitments on a continuing basis.”

GM and Chrysler have reportedly returned the $641 million, with interest. GM told Automotive News that it didn’t use any of the funds, while Chrysler declined to comment on warranty matters as a matter of company policy.

Permit me to emphasis the fact that the govenment Obama regime wants us to feel assured. This is a Stossel “give me break” moment if there ever were one. Bloom says the “companies have reportedly“. This is quite the clever phrasing of words to conceal the truth if I ever heard one and then the fact that Chrysler declines to comment isn’t leaving me with much confidence either.

Yep, here’s more of that hopey changey you can believe in, lies, lies and more lies. You really didn’t buy into that bull back in March did you? If you did, you have legal standing and you should pursue it with vengeance!!!

Here endeth another lesson on the Obama lies.

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