What I Learned From Last Night’s Health Care Presser

Believe it or not, I did learn a couple of things, well at least one new one and then I had one burning question answered:

Tonight I learned that Obama has repeated his talking points ad-nauseam and thus didn’t stumble so much when robotic-ally answering reporters questions. It was obvious that his side kick, Mr. Teleprompter was with him in the back of the room, but hey, give the guy a break, he’s in the midst of trying to run a country that is in its worstcongress created recession since the great depression, right? (ok, sarcasm snuck out, acknowledged and approved) The presser did go smoother than previous ones.

And, keeping this brief, the answer suspicions to a burning question, I had waited confirmation on, was confirmed when a reporter asked if Obama would pledge to sign himself and his family up for the same coverage they expect to force us to use. His response was, and I’ll paraphrase it to make sure there is no mistake as to his intentions:

“Are you kidding me? Why would we lower ourselves with the peasants?”

Here endeth this presser lesson.

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