Breakinging News: Commander in Thief Breaks Tail and Runs UPDATED X(4): 2 more high ranking officers sign onto injunction lawsuit, liberal talk show hosts turning on their leader

NOTE: I will keep updating at this post on the military posts as time is limited, just watch for the X() in the heading to see if it has changed. I have a pressing trucking issue to work on. It seems there is now a underhanded scheme ( liken to the wall street style takeovers) in the works for Nationalized Truck Stops to control our traffic and fuel. WHEN WILL IT END!!!

UPDATE #4: Judge dismisses case,

but look for the “whistle blower” grievence suit to be filed soon: DoD Retaliates Against Major Cook.

I will begin a new thread when the details of that suit begin to be released.


When have we EVERhad a Commander in Chief that refused to show his bona fides; so that those under his command were assured that the orders they were implementing were from a legitimate Commander?


The following post by Dr. Olry Taitz, Esq. speaks volumes as to the illegitimacy of one Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama to be holding the highest command of our military:


It looks like we won already and not just on any day, on Bastille day

I didn’t even need to fight, the administration blinked and showed it’s cards, actually they showed that they have no cards to play, as they immediately revoked the order for major Cook. You can see below, the revocation is below, saying he doesn’t need to go.

What does it mean? It’s proof that we have a totally illegitimate commander in chief and they will cave in each and every situation. It means that from now on any member of the military, who doesn’t like any order , needs to call Dr. Taitz, ESQ and state that he doesn’t want to follow the order, a legal action  will  be initiated based on Obama’s illegitimacy in office and the military will cave in. It means that for the sake of covering up for Obama and fraud perpetrated, top brass of the US military is willing to undermine integrity of the military. This has to stop.




ST. LOUIS, MO 63132-5200

AHRC-PLM-S                                                     14 JUL 2009

ORDERS  A-06-916551R

COOK STEFAN FREDERICK           EAD8              MAJ EN 155 54 7803

4207 HARBOR LAKE DRIVE                            W096AA

LUTZ FL 33558



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For those in the military, the ramifications of this decision should be very alarming. There are many cases still active, cases that have active or inactive/on stand-by as well as retired military officers that could be called back to active duty at a moments notice.

Just what kind of precedence is this sending? From here on in, all any military personnel has to do is question the legitimacy of Obama, and “wha-la”, they WILL BE EXEMPT from deploying.


UPDATE: Scrub a dub dub. . .  this is “NOT” coincidence, this is our right fraud, manipulation to cover some pretty treasonous acts by some pretty high level elected officials nationwide:

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

 Another newspaper reports that President Obama was born in Hawaii – and, for skeptics, it cites unidentified “documents” that can prove it.

In a story WND first reported July 11, the Ledger-Enquirer in Columbus, Ga., published the account of an Army Reserve officer who claims he should not have to obey deployment orders to Afghanistan, because Obama has not provided proof of his eligibility for office.

In an earlier version of the story, the daily newspaper published by McClatchy followed Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook’s eligibility concerns with a statement claiming the president was born in Hawaii.

“Actually, Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after it became a state,” it stated, unequivocally.

A screenshot of the original story follows, with the birth statement outlined in red: (full article and Photos here)

But within hours, the statement was bumped down the article. A screenshot of the new version shows that the story now states, “Documents show Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after it became a state.”

The article was featured on the Drudge Report. The Ledger-Enquirer did not respond to WND’s questions about the alleged “documents” it cites.

With all the scrubbing going on, I sure hope the Obama campers are wearing protect gloves, otherwise they would have pretty sore fingers.

Update # 2: @ more officers sign on to the litigation:

Application for injunction

Late on Tuesday afternoon, July 14, 2009, at around about 4:30 pm, Plaintiff Stefan Frederick Cook returned a call to an unknown telephone call from (813) 828-5884 and was told that his services were no longer required in Afghanistan and that he need not report for duty.  In addition Plaintiff an e-mail with the revocation order attached from Master Sargent Miguel Matos (Exhibit C).  Upon receipt of the revocation, Plaintiff Major Cook called his civilian boss, the CEO of Simtech, Inc., a closely held corporation that does DOD contracting in the general field of information technology/systems integration, at which Plaintiff Major was employed until taking a Military Leave of Absence on Friday July 10, 2009, a senior systems engineer and architect, in preparation for his deployment to Afghanistan.  (Plaintiff has five Cisco Systems certifications in information technology dating from 2000 and just recertified in June 2009 for the Cisco Certified Design Expert qualification exam.) 

         The CEO of Simtech, Inc., Larry Grice, explained to Plaintiff over a series of four conversations within the next two hours, that he had been terminated.  Grice told the Plaintiff that he would no longer be welcome in his former position at SOCOM but that Grice wanted to see whether he could find something within the company (Simtech, Inc.) for Cook.  The upshot was that at this time Grice did not have anything for Plaintiff to do.  Grice told Plaintiff, in essence, that the situation had become “nutty and crazy”, and that Plaintiff would no longer be able to work at his old position. 

         Grice explained that he had been in touch with Defense Security Services (an agency of the Department of Defense[1], with regional offices located in SOCOM Headquarters at McDill Airforce Base in Tampa, Florida), and that DSS had not yet made a determination whether Plaintiff Major Cook’s clearances would be pulled, but Grice made clear to Cook that it was DSS who had compelled Cook’s termination.  Essentially, because of the “nutty and crazy” situation and the communications received from DSS was no longer employable by him at all.  So he was not optimistic about getting me another job at the company.  Grice also reported to Plaintiff that there was some gossip that “people were disappointed in” the Plaintiff because they thought he was manipulating his deployment orders to create a platform for political purposes.  Grice then discussed Plaintiff’s expectation of receiving final paychecks (including accrued leave pay) already owed, without any severance pay, and wished the Plaintiff well.

         A federal agency (such as the Department of Defense, acting through the Defense Security Services Agency) clearly violates the Whistleblower Protection Act if it takes or fails to take (or threatens to take or fail to take) a personnel action with respect to any employee or applicant because of any disclosure of information by the employee or applicant that he or she reasonably believes evidences a violation of a law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.  What has happened in the present case of Stefan Frederick Cook is that a federal agency appears to have taken action against Stefan Frederick Cook’s private employer, Simtech, Inc., which is a closely held corporation owned and operated by members of a single family, who are as much victims of the Department of Defense’ heavy-handed interference with Plaintiff Cook’s private-sector employment as is Plaintiff Cook himself.

read the full Application for Injunction here

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