Bending over backwards to be N.I.C.E. and see to it that we will forever be H.A.P.I.


Right on cue, the White House comes out with a plan that will supposedly help pay for their gargantuan health care program:

This morning, VP Biden and “Tiller the baby killer’s biggest supporter”, HHS Sec Sebelius announced:

“the hospitals are ready to give up about $155 billion over 10 years in government payments. The money could then be used to help pay for covering millions of uninsured.”

So they would have us believe that this is a true reduction? Reduction does not come without a cost and that cost will be a reduction in services to medicare. So forget that new joint or that cancer treatment if you are are one of those pesky elderly that refuses to die for the sake of the illegal immigrant who is younger and more productive. Forget that life saving medical care if you are a cash strapped parent of a preemie in need of extensive medical care. The NICU will be off limits to your newborn.

Welcome to “Orwellian Medical Care”, because they care so much, “NOT”!

This Orwellian care will come with its very own “HAPI”board to oversee your care:

AT: The bill is S.391 and is currently making rounds in the Senate. Incidentally, we have a bit of Orwellian “doublespeak” that seems to be the standard in Washington, especially in regards to social oriented legislation: The “Healthy Americans Private Insurance” plan, which states as its purpose “to provide affordable, guaranteed private health coverage that will make Americans healthier and can never be taken away” isn’t a private plan at all; it’s a public one.

Much like the UK’s “NICE” board that does everything but protect that patient:

Reuters UK: Kidney cancer patients should not be treated with four expensive new medicines on Britain’s state-run National Health Service, the country’s health cost-effectiveness watchdog said


The decision fuels controversy about the way NICE rations treatment on the state health service in England and Wales, denying patients access to costly modern medicines that are used routinely in many countries, notably the United States.

Cancer Research UK said it raised questions about whether NICE’s system of appraisal was appropriate for all types of drugs, especially when there were few alternative treatments.

NICE argues it has to make tough choices when deciding which drugs should be paid for and which not.

Yep folks, our elected officials are bending over backwards to be N.I.C.E. and see to it that we will forever be H.A.P.I. about a new government run health care system.

All in unison now: “Ain’ that special?”

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