Remembering President Garfield/corrected

garfieldJuly 2, 1881, President James Garfield was fatally mortally shot just 4 months after taking his oath of office. He died on Sept 19, 1881 at the NJ seaside.

Much controversy has surrounded the events of that day and the reasoning behind his assassination; but one thing that is not in dispute, to those who have been relentlessly studying the Constitution and American Presidential eligibility history, is the fact that in 1881 the White house and the Presidency was usurped by Chester Arthur, much the same way it has been today by Obama.

As time goes by, much more comes to light. You can follow the quest for the Constitutional truth with me here at ConstitutionallySpeaking or join me at Leo’s site where a passionate patriot’s law degree is working for the common man( we the people), not a crony political machine.

In closing, Happy Independence Day to all and remeber to thank a soldier for putting their life on the line for our freedoms!

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