Affirmative Action Heading to the Supreme Court?

0511-0809-0509-4848_Justice_is_Blind_Clip_Art_clipart_imageSo much for “Justice is Blind“…

60% of Sotomayor’s rulings have been over turned which is proof positive, that she is not qualified to hold the highest position in our justice system,  that affirmative action is “not” equality for all under the rule of law and that this nominee needs to be derailed and FAST!!!

Take for example this excerpt from the Times interview:

“Even though Article IV of the Constitution says that treaties are the ‘supreme law of the land,’ in most instances they’re not even law,” she said.

That principle, she said, explained the outcome of a high-profile 2008 Supreme Court ruling, Medellin v. Texas, which involved an International Court of Justice ruling that some Mexican inmates on death row in Texas should get new sentencing hearings because the authorities failed to help them get help from the Mexican Consulate, contrary to a treaty the United States had ratified.

But the Supreme Court ruled that the international court’s decision had no legal force and that the treaty was not binding, because Congress never passed a statute explicitly making it domestic law.

. . . read the entire interview for further enlightenment as to her many opinions regarding the law that irrefutably disqualifies her for this lifetime position.

Even I as a lay person knows that treaties do “not” trump the Constitution unless Congress as ratified a law stating otherwise. No wonder her rulings have been overturned so often and no wonder she needed “Affirmative” action to get where she is today.

I do not care the race or color of the person who holds such a high position, the only thing that I do care about is that the most qualified person gets the job. That is the American way and affirmative action is a deterrent in the process and needs to be outlawed.

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