Iraqi Freedom Speech from the US Troops

This video is for Obama, Clinton, and John McCain to see what it is really like in Iraq, that its not as bad as the media portrays and we have a civil duty to help these people of Iraq…

Listen to what John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln have to say about the war in iRaq!

In early January(2008), the Maliki government began consideration of a new law to politically rehabilitate former Baath Party members.[177]
On January 8 Operation Phantom Phoenix began in an attempt to hunt down the remaining 200 al-Qaeda extremists in the province of Diyala following the end of the previous offensive. The operation also included targeting insurgent elements in Salah ad-Din province. The ongoing conflict between Turkey and PKK [180][181][182] intensified on February 21, when Turkey launched a ground attack into the Quandeel Mountains of Northern Iraq. In the nine day long operation, around 10,000 Turkish troops advanced up to 25 km into Northern Iraq. This was the first substantial ground incursion by Turkish forces since 1995.[183][184] Shortly after the incursion began, both the Iraqi cabinet and the Kurdistan regional government condemned Turkey’s actions and called for the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from the region.[185] Turkish troops withdrew on February 29.[186]
The fifth anniversary of the beginning of the war on 20 March was marked by a speech by George Bush declaring that the surge strategy had been a success and that America was headed for victory. Critics of the war were less optimistic.[187]
Meanwhile the war went on, with American forces targeting al-Qaeda strongholds in Mosul.[188]In late March, the Green Zone in Baghdad came under repeated rocket attack, killing two U.S. government officials and injuring several others.[189] According to General David Petraeus, the attack was the responsibility of Iranian trained insurgents.[190]On a day of increased violence and suicide bombings across Iraq, the death of four soldiers brought the total death toll of American forces, since the beginning of the war, to 4000.

Let not their lives have been lost in vain!

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