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Instead of being a boon to the American economy, he is a bane to America’s existence

Barack Obama told America and the whole world that he was going to “hit the ground running,” if he was elected as the next United States President. All I know is he was right. Only thing is, after he was elected, he stumbled on the doorstep on the way into the White House, fell flat face first with his nose down in the Oval Office doorway, and he hasn’t gotten up off the floor yet. Apparently, he likes being in that position! He’s still hobbling along and trying to drag America down with him. Can’t help you there, bud! And I’m not sorry.


What more can we say? Barack Obama has been in office less than two months and, instead of being a boon to the American economy, he is a bane to America’s existence, and he is the prime example of why third-world nations are steeped in sickness and poverty. In the same way, Obama is trying hard every day to turn America into an impoverished, sick nation which is reliant upon the government for its very existence and sustenance.

That is not the American way and never has been. And, before this is all over, the Obama Administration will finally hear and understand that they are not beyond the long arm of the law no matter how many supporters they have on hand to pile money into their coffers to help them to out wait the opposition.

Exactly what does the Obama Administration take us for?

This man has been proved every step of the way to be incompetent in all his dealings and, consequently, he is incapable of leading men and women—an entire nation. But, to let many in the nation, the world, and the main stream media tell it, Barack Obama is an overnight wonder who has changed the world’s condition as no one else could do or has ever done.

Meanwhile people are suffering and Obama is leading the call for these people to continue to suffer unless they go along with him and his bag of tricks stored up his sleeves. He will bring out the bag to rob them and deny them a voice because, as he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid—leaders of the DEMS, have said, “We WON!”

In general, Americans—beyond denomination and political party affiliation, are far too intelligent to be outsmarted by anybody who fakes their way through life hoping that nobody else would catch on to their life-long cons. How could America get into such a predicament? How can Americans get out from under this ongoing, oppressive, illegal, ungodly, UNAmerican lunatic?

First of all, the people who presume to speak on behalf of all Americans in this dreadful situation, must first be willing to admit we are not dealing with a national leadership that is operating with a full deck. Truer words have never been spoken when somebody once coined the phrase, “The elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.” And, when referring to Obama, how can we infer anything else when he continues to say to the nation that his destructive agenda is what the American people have voted for? Give me a break!

I believe closer to the truth is the fact that had the national news media performed its professional and ethical job to be objective in reporting factual news, more people would have understood the true nature of Obama’s planned agenda for America. Instead, the media and rich supporters stepped up to knock down the truth about Obama—and he denied—every time—what we knew and reported about him based on archival documentation.

So, here we are now vindicated despite the vilification of not only DEMS, but also conservatives and Christians who—even now—refuse to admit we were right even as they are climbing up on the band wagon, as if they were on it all the time. And, they have tried to throw us overboard. But we are still here and we are hanging on by more than our fingernails. Our voices are stronger than any nail!!! And, even in our hoarseness, we will scream all the louder and attract more attention of the masses to come take a look to see that what has happened to us will be their plight, unless they stop in the silence to, themselves, be quiet to listen and hear—and join in the chorus to take up the slack!

Let the learned, gifted, highly degreed continue to project their voices in their fashion, if they will. However, it is the simple, easy-to-understand speech which does the most good for the most folk who are waiting to hear that Clarion Call for all of them to rise up and do battle — And so they are on the battlefield and have resolved that none of us will ever allow Obama or anybody else to change our Constitution! But who will declare it, if we don’t?

Is anybody listening? Doesn’t matter, because we will keep on telling it, anyhow until we have leadership back in charge that is Godly and committed to serving this nation in the interest of what bespeaks a society which is orderly and fosters clean living in every area of life for all citizens who know the difference between right and wrong in the spirit, traditions, values, ethics, morals, and mores of the American way of life to the glory of the God who has “brought us thus far along the way!”

After my having preached and fought for more than 20 years both in and out of the pulpit, if Americans don’t get it by now that this Preacher (and so many more, besides) have a message from heaven which will keep all of us safe and secure and at peace, then they will never understand. And they must be swiftly brushed aside, as we journey on.

Nobody in their right mind would ever place an asp in their bosom to keep it safe and warm and expect that snake to not bite them. So what makes people believe that we can continue to excuse Obama for all the flaws he has exhibited in this brief period as “Dear Leader?” (In his wildest dreams). But, after all, the buck really does now stop with Obama since he’s in the job he said he wanted and could handle. We just forgot to ask how he was going to handle it beforehand? But then we already knew.

Let me ask you a question. Can you now say the same about Barack Obama? After all, he holds the veto pen in his hands at the moment. But that pen does not include censorship in any way, shape, or form.

From a proud natural-born, American citizen who can place her hands on her Bible and birth certificate to present them under oath upon request in a second flat! Say about me what you will, but this is not about me, anyhow! It is all about you and yours and it is about the real HOPE that does not CHANGE based on anybody’s race, creed, color, gender, or political affiliation!!!

I invite you to pass this on and to subscribe to VOICE INK, as I believe I am just getting warmed up, because I can feel those hands trying to squeeze out my voice—but to no avail. More to come.

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  1. Christinewjc March 2, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    Good post! Thanks for sharing.


    P.S. I usually appreciate it when people point out my misspellings at my blog (even with spell-check, I have been guilty of it!). Posts look more professional when proper spelling is used. Therefore, I would suggest correcting “consevative” to conservative; “christian” to Christian; “rying” to trying; and “distruction” to destruction in your introductory comment.

    Thanks, Christine. I usually spell check and today I rushed and got busted. OOPS, LOL

  2. Mark March 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    Hi thanks for a great post. I’ll be back 🙂

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