If Only . . . A Tale of the June Bug vs the Politician

Spring was short this year. We have gone from snow just a few weeks ago to near 90 degree weather and with that comes the yearly buzzing of the . . .

June Bug“.

Now while they are really harmless creatures who come out of their underground world for such a short period of time, their constant buzzing and diving at you while out in public is totally annoying. Especially when you have been cooped up for a rather long winter and have been anticipating that 1st warm evening to just sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh country air on the log swing.

The June Bug’s seemingly lack of direction and ability to control its flight reminds me of many of the current elected officials in DC.

Soon these harmless pests tire and are back to crawling for cover, leaving the sidewalk or the drive a mess for you to sweep up.

If only it was that easy with a politician.

If only all we had to do was go to DC and sweep up the mess so a new swarm of would be fliers could come out the next day.

A new swarm of elected officials with better direction and the right kind of wings to take flight and soar while bringing the country back in the direction of Constitutionality.

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