Urgent UPDATE: Going Down a Dangerous Road

itstartedwithprayerI’ve been following the “American Grand Jury” movement, even to the point of asking for an application, which I have never returned and in all reality, will never print it out, let alone fill it out and return it.

While I admire the Patriotism of those who are promoting and over seeing the grand juries, I have this nasty “GUT” feeling that there could be real trouble down the road “if and when” any of the presentments/indictments ever see the light of a court room.


It became all too clear while listening to a recent blog-talk radio episode, that there is a deep seeded biased effort to bring a “guilty as charged” mentality to the grand jury. When the guest promoted getting as many of these juries together to bring more indictments all across the country, while they openly promote and brag about the presentments/ indictments already handed down, my heart stopped a beat and my head was sent spinning in disappointment.

Of all things, juries are to be non-biased and is the reason many court proceedings are moved from their original jurisdictions.

Unless those overseeing these grand juries can show without a shadow of a doubt that ANY and ALL grand jury members haven’t been subjected to biased views/evidence against the defendant prior to the grand jury proceedings, NONE of these presentments/indictments will hold up to the scrutiny of any open court where lawyers are allowed to enter into the picture.

But, should this discourage those from continuing the grand juries? I think NOT. If nothing else, they bring awareness to the tyranny and treason being perpetrated upon the Constitution and the citizens of the United States.

So, to all my fellow patriots who are caught up and running with the grand jury movement, I wish you well, but I also wish you the sense to see a HUGE problem down the road that CAN and WILL come back to bite you if you continue to recruit grand jury members openly and publicly on the same website where conclusions of previous grand juries are being reported.

UPDATE: here is my proof:

35 Texas Citizens The indictment: Fraud and Treason

There was never a hint of indecision when this group of concerned citizens got together in Texas and decided to go to work. In their minds “the man who hates America” needed to be indicted and the sooner the better.

The jury spent a week reviewing and contemplating the evidence but the vote was swift and decisive. All 35 members raised their hands and said, “we want this man tried in court and we are now looking to the Great State of Texas to bring that justice to our citizens.”

I hardly think our founding fathers would approve of this sort of activity being promoted under the guise of a constitutional grand jury. They have sunk to the level of the statist/progressive actions in which they claim to deplore: the abuse of the Constitution.

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